Oolitic Sand Activity

Oolitic Sand Activity


Calling all Teachers and Homeschool Grown-Ups! 


If you are looking to add some fun to your curriculum you've come to the right place. This free download is a great place to start when discussing science and nature. Most geologists, use the term "acid test" which means placing a drop of vinegar on a rock, mineral, or sand and watching for bubbles of carbon dioxide gas to be released. The bubbles signal the presence of carbonate minerals such as calcite. 


This is a great opportunity to take the kiddos out to the Great Salt Lake and find some oolitic sand, spiders, and bugs. Check them out through a magnifying glass or microscope if you have one. Enjoy! 


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  • Where to find Oolitic Sand?

    The Great Salt Lake makes its own Oolitic Sand so it is easily accessible surrounding the lake. Please be aware that it is illegal to take sand or any other items from any of the state parks. So, if you choose to visit a state park, you may want to do your experiments on the beach. There is plenty of sand there. 

    However, if you want to do the activity in the classroom or home Stansbury Island is a location where you fill a small jar of sand to take home for homeschool or classroom activities.