- Nicole Anderson, Author -

Nicole Anderson is a communication professional and freelance writer.  She holds a master’s degree in Strategic Communications from Westminster College and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Utah.


She is a certified Utah Master Naturalist in Wetlands and has focused many years researching the Great Salt Lake. During her undergraduate years, she completed internships with both Friends of Great Salt Lake (FoGSL) and Utah Rivers Council as well as volunteered as a member of The Nature Conservancy's Speaker's Bureau. Anderson co-founded the blog, Summer of Salt where she spent three summers exploring the shorelines of Great Salt Lake. In 2010, Anderson was commissioned to write, "Patterns of Change" which documented bird and human usage in Bear River Bay, and she later had a role in the 2012 documentary, "Evaporating Shorelines." 

It was through these opportunities that Anderson learned the many facets the Lake has to offer along with the stressors it and the surrounding community faces daily regarding water, industry, air quality, and sustainability. She came to understand that while many people may think of Great Salt Lake as a dead, stinky, ugly place, there are just as many, if not more who see its value, its undeniable beauty and she believes that it is instead one of Utah’s best-kept secrets and an integral part of the ecosystem here in the west.

Anderson teaches intercultural and interpersonal communication at Salt Lake Community College.  She has written as a freelance author for ten plus years. Her stories and articles have appeared in Airboating Magazine, Gateway Magazine, Utah Stories, and Utah Life Magazine among several other print and online publications. When she is not teaching or writing you will likely find her traveling, hiking, or on the water. Anderson has a passion to protect landscapes and places that cannot speak for themselves. 

Anderson a Utah native, who grew up along the Wasatch Front, now divides her time between Pocatello, Idaho, and West Point, Utah along with her husband, Mike, and their border collie, Luke. 

- Johanna Bossart, Illustrator -

Johanna Bossart's journey in illustration began with a split love of art and science. She had a real passion for each, and for years believed that she would need to choose one or the other for her career path. It was after meeting with a scientific illustrator that she realized that her two passions could be combined into one of illustrating and documenting scientific knowledge.


Bossart works as a freelance scientific illustrator. She holds a bachelor of science in Scientific Illustration from Westminster College.  Her work has appeared in, "Great Salt Lake Biology: A Terminal Lake in a Time of Change," and Catalyst Magazine among others. 

Bossart has a passion to tell stories through visual imagery. She resides in the Salt Lake Valley with her two cats, Clementine and Marmalade. 

Emma Gale - Singer-Songwriter
Great Salt Lake.png

Emma Gale cut her teeth as a cover singer based in Cambridgeshire and moved to Dorset, in the United Kingdom in the early 2000s. Influenced by songwriters like Suzanne Vega, Sheryl Crow, Leonard Cohen, and Gilbert O’Sullivan, she decided to move away from singing cover songs and learn how to write songs.


This opened up the world of songwriting and through a mutual connection transported Gale vicariously to the shorelines of the Great Salt Lake, in Utah, United States of America. Through this collaboration, Gale was inspired to write a song that would accompany Anderson's book, The A's & B's of Our Inland Sea, as well as her vision that children all along the Wasatch Front would sing this song inspiring their parents to learn more about the importance of our inland sea.

Songwriting has introduced her to a network of songwriters across the globe and led her to complete a master’s degree in songwriting in 2017.  Emma released her debut single Let’s See What the Earth Has to Say in April 2020 and The Great Salt Lake in May 2022.  

Gale travels all over the UK to co-write with songwriters and has attended songwriting retreats run by Boo Hewerdine, Chris Difford, and other notable songwriting tutors.  

If you'd like to purchase Gale's songs or learn more about her please visit her website. Gale resides in Dorset, United Kingdom with her hubby, Peter and two dogs, Clara and Teddy.